Time to extract your wisdom teeth

People mostly have their wisdom tooth removed at the age of 20-25. Not all persons need to pull out these teeth, though Family Dentist Near Me have conflicting views about this. You should consult with a reputed oral surgeon if you think that you need to pull out these teeth. Before that, you should consider the reasons for having these teeth removed.

Dental surgery done by Family Cosmetic Dentistry always sounds scary, but removing wisdom tooth could be a better experience if it is not performed with pain due to problems with molars. Many people don’t feel any issue when wisdom teeth are growing in and they don’t need to remove it. However, Female Dentist Near Me will recommend extraction of these teeth if you experience;




  • Lack of room for molars

You need to have enough space within your mouth for 32 teeth, including molars. If you jaw is not big enough, molars could become impacted, which means they are unable to burst fully or misaligned. In that case, wisdom teeth removal is suggested to have enough space through the Affordable Dentures.

  • Severe pain in the gums near the molars

Chronic pain can be a sign of infection that happens when wisdom teeth bursts partially. Food particles and bacteria can be trapped in these areas and result in painful infection. Wisdom tooth extraction will prevent more painful infection.

  • Teeth don’t grow straight

In this case, teeth may burst fully but emerge sideways, which could cause other teeth to shift in the long run. Sometimes, misaligned teeth can also damage nearby teeth.  So, if you face any kind of problem, do not hesitate to contact the Family Dental Center.

  • Cyst developed around wisdom tooth

The space near your tooth can be filled with fluid, which could damage the nearby structures like bone or roots. A cyst that is not treated could become a tumor and may need more intense surgery.


Consult with your Family Dentistry or any other dental surgeon and learn more about the procedure and after care suggestions. You should ask him about the following before going for the procedure;

  • Some dentists will remove all 4 molars or a few at a time. So, ask the number of teeth to be extracted.
  • Inquire about the kind of anesthesia to be used. Generally, local or general anesthesia is given. If general anesthesia is suggested, you will need someone to accompany you as you will become tired and won’t be able to drive home alone.
  • Ask about the length of the process, which depends on the number of teeth to be extracted, your teeth’s condition. However, normal procedure may range from 1 hour to several hours.
  • Ask the surgeon whether or not to avoid particular medications such as blood thinners or aspirin before the surgery.

To conclude, grab detailed information about the Family Dental Care and the procedure before you go to it.


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