How Much Do Dental Veneers Cost?

Do you suffer from dental problems? You must have then visited an emergency dentist near me to find a cure for it.  Orthodontists near me state that people visit the dentist when they suffer from broken, damaged, decayed, and infected teeth. Experts at dental offices near me say that people also visit the dentist when they have gaps between the teeth. The gaps between the teeth tend to impact the overall appearance of a person. The gaps also curb the people from smiling naturally. The best cure for gaps between teeth is the cosmetic, endodontic veneering treatment. However, not many people are aware of the process of dental veneering, and if your one of them, then this post is meant for you. Here is everything that you would want to know about the process of dental veneering.


What are dental veneers?


Dental veneering is a cosmetic dental option for improving the beauty of the smile. The dental veneers help in curing the issue of teeth discolorations, cracked teeth, chipped teeth, and even misaligned teeth. The dental veneers accentuate the smile and improve the facial appearance by filling in the gaps within the teeth. The process of dental veneering has become quite popular these days. The reason behind its popularity is that dental veneers can be easily customized according to the patient’s dental issue and requirement. The best dentist near me states that dental veneering is economical and is suited for all teeth types. 


What is the price of dental veneers?


However, everything in this materialistic world comes with a price tag, and the dental veneers have prices based on the material that they are made up of. If you plan to opt for the process of dental veneering, you need to be versed in the prices of the various dental veneers. Here is an insight into the pricing of the dental veneers.


  1. Composite veneers


As per the dentist at the dental clinic near me, composite veneers are the most common types of dental veneers. The composite veneers are used to repair cosmetic issues such as chipping and cracking. Composite veneers are priced at $116 per tooth via dental tourism and $250 to $300 per tooth on average. The composite veneers are also used to fix slightly crooked teeth and fill small gaps between the front teeth.


  1. Porcelain veneers


The porcelain veneer teeth are the most expensive types of dental veneers. These types of dental veneers add polish and also improve the aesthetic of the smile. The porcelain dental veneers are priced between $925 and $2,500 per tooth. In some countries, they also have a price range from $1,000 to $3000 per tooth.


  1. Instant veneers

The instant veneers as per periodontist lie somewhere between composite and porcelain veneer. These types of veneers are priced at $374 and may extend up to $624 per tooth. These veneers are available in multiple shades and styles.


  1. Removable veneers


 The removable veneers are made of resin and are priced at $62 per tooth. These are temporary veneers that need to be removed while eating and drinking.


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