Five Reasons For Tooth Extraction:

Tooth extraction becomes necessary when it gets damaged due to physical injuries or decay to prevent further complications. People should get this procedure done by dental specialists otherwise, you might suffer severe dental trauma instead of solving your dental problem. Such conditions require Emergency Tooth Extraction Near Me


Moreover, when all tooth restoration procedures fail, extraction may be the best solution. The main cause of tooth extraction is extensive tooth decay as this condition encourages the formation of bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms leading to bad breath. Additionally, you may suffer from severe toothache due to this. Visit your family doctor to have a tooth extraction near me.

Why need a tooth extraction?

  • Tooth decay

The formation of tooth decay is one of the most common conditions that require tooth extraction. When people don’t practice oral hygiene properly and food debris is stuck between the gaps of the teeth, bacterias start developing. The harmful bacterias release an acid that damages the tooth enamel. The teeth get weakened and lose their structure and function eventually. When people don’t pay attention to this condition timely, it becomes worse and may extend to the root of the tooth. In this case, conduction of emergency tooth extraction becomes essential.   

  • Wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom teeth are molars that develop at the back of the mouth. They are the last teeth to be developed in the mouth. Sometimes, these teeth are infected as cleaning of these teeth is slightly difficult. As a result, food debris gets stuck in the teeth. Since the area of the back of the mouth is quite difficult to clean with a brush and an easy target for bacteria to infect. The infection gets uncontrolled requiring tooth extraction. Visit the nearby dental office to get the extraction procedure done. 

Moreover, impacted wisdom teeth also need a tooth extraction. When the wisdom teeth don’t erupt fully from their position, they may get stuck in the gums. This condition targets bacterial action and infection. The position of the impacted teeth becomes a great cause of infection and decay. In this case, the dentist will recommend a tooth extraction. Dentists will perform a proper surgical procedure to eliminate the impacted wisdom teeth. They will cut the jaw bone and remove the impacted teeth. 

  • Gum disease

Gum disease is also one of the factors requiring tooth extraction. Since the disease affects the gums and the bones that hold the teeth leading to inflammation and redness in the gum tissues. If the swelling is on the soft gum tissues, it can be treated effectively but if the condition is severe, the gum and bone tissue will be affected. Furthermore, they won’t be able to hold the teeth resulting in teeth loss. So, it becomes essential to go through tooth extraction procedures. 

  • Overcrowding of teeth

Most of the people suffer from overcrowding of teeth. This condition spoils their face shape because of too many teeth. There are several procedures available to treat the problem, braces are one of them.   Professionals suggest extraction of some teeth so that existing teeth can be aligned properly. When teeth are extracted, there will be enough space for the remaining teeth to move in the correct position.  

  • Trauma or accident

Accidents or falls from a height can be a genuine cause of tooth extraction. As such injuries may cause chipped or broken teeth. Dentists will perform X-rays to determine the correct situation of the teeth, if the condition is severe, they will go for tooth extraction. 

After the extraction, patients may suffer bleeding and pain in the area where the procedure is performed. Dentists at Dental Clinic Near Me may suggest avoiding hard food and crunchy foods to prevent pain and fasten the healing process. 

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