Periodontists: What DO They Do?

A periodontist is an expert dentist who diagnoses and treats periodontal disease. During regular checkups, he/she assists his/her patients to prevent gum disease by doing routine dental cleanings. 

A periodontist gains extra training that involves the latest techniques and technology to help people with gum diseases. When you have gum disease, your Periodontist Near Me will ask for your medical and dental history. Then, he/she will examine your gums and check for gumline recession and examine your bite. He/She can use a probe to check on the depths of periodontal pockets.  This will help to evaluate your gum health. 


What is gum disease?

Gum disease is a continuous infection in the gums leading to bone and tooth loss. Sometimes, it may possible, you may not notice any symptoms of it. Some of the common signs and symptoms are given below:

  • Severe pain or swelling in the mouth.
  • Gum bleeding during brushing and flossing.
  • Red, swollen, tender gums.
  • Gum recession.
  • Foul Smell.
  • Bite Problems.
  • Pus formation between the gum and teeth.
  • Sensitivity in the tooth.

It is essential to have the treatment of periodontal disease as it can lead to significant health problems. When you are going through regular dental exams and daily dental cleanings, this will help to identify periodontal disease at an early stage.  Gum disease can be reversed when it reaches the gingivitis stage. 

What are the stages of periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease has four stages that range from mild to severe.



It is the first stage of periodontal disease that occurs due to the formation of plaque at or around the gumline. When the people don’t pay much attention to it, it reaches the next stage.  

Slight Periodontal Disease: 

It is the second stage of periodontal disease that affects both the bones and gum tissue altogether that help hold roots. Once it reaches the second stage the infection starts expanding into the bone resulting in bone damage. The periodontist will recommend scaling and root planning to deep clean the teeth and gums at this stage. 

Moderate Periodontal Disease: 

This stage has deeper periodontal pockets that let bacteria attack the bones and bloodstream corrosively. The dentist near me will thoroughly clean the affected area to proceed with the gum disease treatment. 

Advanced Periodontal Disease: 

When the bacterias have significantly deteriorated the bone that holds the teeth. During this stage, your periodontist will take help of the laser treatment to perform laser surgery.  The following laser therapy is used to clean deep bacteria-filled pockets. If don’t pay attention timely, it can convert into stage four leading to wide gaps between the teeth. This condition may result in significant gum recession that will require dentures.  

It is important to deal with periodontal disease quickly. There is a series of treatments available that will surely help to get rid of the above-mentioned gum diseases, if you notice something serious in your mouth like pain, visit your periodontist at Dentist Office Near Me immediately. 

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