Dental Crowns: Some Vital Facts You Need To Know.

Dental crown(s) are, simply put, a covering placed on top of the tooth which is then cemented so that it is stable. A tooth crown is shaped like the tooth that it covers and can be put  in place for a variety of reasons. You may consult a Family Dentist Near Me if your tooth is broken.

Everything You Need To Know About Dental Crowns | Burlington, NC

Most commonly, if a person has a tooth that is broken or chipped, or has such a large filling that there are not many teeth left to hold the filling in place, they will need a crown. In other cases, crowns can be cosmetic to cover up teeth that are discolored. Visit a Dental Care Near Me if you experience any of these.

In the past, metallic crowns have been the standard. These, however, can be unsightly as it leaves a person with a metal tooth showing through. Visit the nearest dentist to know the suitable option for you.

Metal Or Porcelain: which one is better?

Metal crowns can still be used for back teeth which are out of sight, but most dentists now use porcelain crowns for front teeth that are highly visible. These crowns can be shaded to match the surrounding teeth giving them a more natural appearance. Another benefit of porcelain teeth comes in long-care treatment. Metal crowns block x-rays from seeing what is going on underneath the crown with the actual tooth. If the tooth continues to decay, it may be necessary to remove the crown or wait for it to decay before it is possible to tell what is going on underneath. Porcelain crowns, however, allow x-rays to pass through giving dentists an easy opportunity to still see what is happening later on with the underlying tooth.

Installing a crown:

  • First, the tooth which is to be covered has to be either filed down to allow the General Dentist Near Meroom to place the crown or, if the tooth has decayed or cracked, the dentist may have to use a filling material to “build up” the tooth so that the crown will stay in place. This, of course, may take some time and usually involves having to numb the tooth so that the patient will be at ease.

  • Then, a putty-like substance is placed in the mouth to create an impression of the tooth which will be used to mold the crown which will cover it. This will be sent to a lab for the creation of the crown. If porcelain is being used, the Dentist’s Open On Sundaywill also match the shade of the surrounding teeth to make sure that the crown blends in with the rest.

Dental Crowns - Types & Cost

  • A temporary crown is placed for the time being and the patient is asked to come back in a few weeks when the permanent crown is ready. Once ready, the crown is placed and then filed down until it fits perfectly with the bit pattern of the mouth. It is then cemented for permanent placement.

Dental Crown Cost:

Usually, a regular dental crown cost may range between $1100 and $1500. However, prices will differ depending on the kind of crown you selected. Dentist’s charges will vary according to the treatment you require before the final crown is bonded, so if you require bone grafting, a root canal, or gum surgery, the value of a crown will go up

Crowns can be used for a variety of reasons both therapeutic and cosmetic. Dental technology has come a long way in the creation of crowns that are both long-lasting and natural-looking to give patients the smile they deserve.


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